Defending your professional license: What you need to know

Defending your professional license: What you need to know

A great majority of some licensed professionals go through their career without even being investigated by some proper licensing agency. Those people who do face the scrutiny are sometimes unaware of the process they are about to enter, and then as a result, they feel typically unprepared at the onset to sufficiently defend themselves.

So do you think do you need an efficient attorney? Do you want to participate in such investigation program? Can you still continue to this practice? How long does this entire process take? And what will be the best and worst case scenarios? These are just few important questions that can run through all the professionals’ minds upon receipt of the letter from their licensing agency notifying them about the investigation into some alleged unethical conduct is quite imminent. You can get all the answers of your questions here, and another option is you can even hire a professional license defense attorney who can tell you who you are, what you can do and all underlying issue which you are not fully aware of.

Here are some possible answers you should know:

Discuss your situation with the attorney:

Discuss your overall situation with an efficient attorney who has good experience with license defense. I know this would sound like a bit self-serving-since that’s what I do, but surely I am not marketing myself; I’m just recommending that you should address license agency scrutiny with some great attorney who has handled such similar cases. And, it’s also critical to be greatly honest with your attorney about what the investigation should uncover, so that they can guide you more appropriately.

Remove emotions from decision making:

This is certainly quite easier said than done, since it’s our human nature for us to look at different set of facts in such a way that greatly benefits us, and color the truth to our best advantages. You must need to trust your hired attorney to be an unbiased advocate, and also remember that facts that can be spun in various ways.

Be proactive & professional:

In different circumstances, you will be definitely allowed to practice during such investigation into your alleged behavior, which in many instances can take several years. This delay can be actually used to your benefit, if there is some issue to an address, by entering into rehab or taking some other commonly applicable mitigating actions to demonstrate the ability to correct some past misdeeds. It goes smoothly without even saying that your ongoing behavior should be totally above reproach.

Realize how process should end:

If an accusation is properly filed, you have the great opportunity to negotiate the resolution or you can even assert your right to your hearing. I agree that the worst outcome will be definitely to lose your license, but then you can reapply after some short period of time.

I believe that something to never lose sight of is that, it’s some privilege, not a proper right to have your own professional license. And like many people, license revocation can definitely affect your career for the rest of your life…

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