Dinosaur Camouflage Revealed In Living Color

Dinosaur Camouflage Revealed In Living Color

Scientists have recreated the color patterns of dinosaur revealing camouflage.

The Psittacosaurus fossil could reveal clues of dinosaur that where they live before extinction; the fossils of big strange lizard in China now popular with the name of parrot lizard.

These fossils suggest that giant lives in an environment with diffuse light like a forest.

Jakob Vinther from the University of Bristol, UK, said their team leaders have rebuilt the fossil to trace out its color patterns and many other features. Researchers are now able to create 3-D of species, life-size, its model.

The Psittacosaurus lived about 120 million years ago, was about the size of the turkey and have tail and horns and featured a birdlike beat. The new research shows that they have lightened color on its underside and a darker color on its top.

According to Jakob and his team, the fossil represents common trick of camouflage that is known as countershading through which animal’s moves from light to dark to match gradual fading of the light. They also added our Psittacosaurus was reconstructed from inside-out, thousands of scales, shapes, and many sizes and many of them are partially pigments._91212230_2

The fossil suggests that Psittacosaurus had light underbelly and have the tail with many colors that are appearing on its chest and back, while fish fossils have shown this feature, this is first fossil to connect with the form of camouflage.

Cuthill said: By rebuilding the 3-D model we are able not to see patterns of shading over the body but also matched the camouflage which works in a forested environment._91213595_mediaitem91213594

Actually, this form of countershading works best in forests also offered some clues about dinosaur’s habitat; with these finding investigators can predict some occupation of species, where color patterns are preserved in fossils.

We were amazed that how these color patterns actually worked to camouflage this dinosaur. New research also shows that dinosaurs could have feathers, in April this year Stephen also raised a question about feathers of a dinosaur in his article Bird Magazine.

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