Do left-handers have special abilities as they are rare among us?

Do left-handers have special abilities as they are rare among us?

Few people have left-handers and its puzzle why it is?

Most of the people are right-handers and only 10 percent people have left-handers why? It seems like the simple question but actually it includes the full mystery of science.

Scientists have long wondered why left-handed people are in rarity. The new study shows that it happens due to balance between cooperation and competition in human evolution. Scientists come up with theories that are intriguing, persuasive and a little bonkers. Let’s take a look at it.

Research about lefties:

Handedness the idea that one hand is able to perform a lot of tasks than other is a human trait.

Similarly, you can realize all your body parts is preferable like eyes, ears, foot and the most important your hand.

Overall 40% of people are left-eared, people almost 30% are left-eyed and nearly 20% people are left-footed but when we come to hand only 10% of people are left-handed. The question arises why this is happening towards hand instead of any part.

Why are left-handers in minority? Why is this happening?

The most common answer is too preferable to handedness is the structure of the brain, which is divided into two hemispheres. The preference to handedness partially depends on genetic and partially on the environment.brain

The scientists also said it’s not just a case of genetics mostly 25 percent of people hand preference depended on the family run.

In one British research, more stressed pregnant women were more likely to touch their left face instead of right; this is the first sign of left-hand indication of the child.

Research shows that right-handed people use left hemisphere of the brain, and contrary to this, this is not preferable that left handed person uses left hemisphere they are probably used the right side.

When we speak of handedness we generally mean the motor condition of the hand. It turns out that everyone has dexterity and strength in gross motor. The other reason for preferences of the hand is that our body looks symmetrical from the outside but it is not same from the inside. Some people organs are different as our heart, liver even our lungs are shaped differently on right and left.

Does being left-handed have any impact on life?

The psychologist of the University of London explained, “Left-handers’ brains are organized in a variable way, they are often more talented, your brain is organized in slightly unusual that gives you skills that other people’s don’t have”.

But according to the scientists, left-handed people are more creative and artists, they are more popular in sports and even in music for guitarists.

But the people who are left handed can have more risk of psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia; the left-handed persons will also have a mental-health risk. Disorders like dyslexia, attention deficit, and some other major disorders.

Bottom line: Scientists really don’t know why the persons with left-handed are in minority and why they preference right hand, they are just predicting these cases and saying the brain hemisphere or organs shaped is the difference but no full approved reason is yet updated.

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