Dogs Can Sniff Out Health Problems In Humans

Dogs Can Sniff Out Health Problems In Humans

Imagine that you are not giving a urine sample or blood sample for health test but consulting a dog to smell either you have a health problem or not? It is a funny concept as dogs are popular for their sense of smell in the world and believe them to possess a ‘sixth sense’.

We have long believed that dogs have stronger senses as dogs sense of smell is one million more time than ours, this is why we have been used dogs for purpose of tracking and hunting and become the part of our lives but this time scientist comes along with different belief!

The researchers at France, Paris found that dogs have a high sense of smell and even detect the health problem of the person with just power of their smell and especially German Shepherd, have the ability to smell the breast cancer with 100 percent accuracy.Dogs Can Sniff Out Health Problems In Humans

The researchers added that smelling health problem via dog is a relatively simple method and doesn’t involve the technology and no one needs to wait for reports as they pointed that dogs know when dog owner has cancer with the help of smell.

The researchers have spent six months in training the dogs to identify cancer as they use the methodology of ‘Game Playing’ and reward-based training to differentiate between different cancers and used different bandages to train the dogs with entire concept.

The researchers use two rounds to identify the accuracy as they train the dogs with different bandages and the first test shows that 90 percent success rate in the first round as they detect 28 out of 31 bandages and researchers were working on this methodology for the countries that are under development to revolutionize cancer detection method.

This methodology will help people to detect the cancer problems at an early stage and receive life-saving treatment by detecting it on time – dogs are the intelligent animals that have proven they can be our best medical assistants.Dogs Can Sniff Out Health Problems In Humans

Let’s have look different diseases that can easily detect with the help of dogs.

  • Migraines:

The migraines are often dangerous disease and the study shows that dogs can sense whether the owner suffers from migraines or not as doctors need to check either your pain or surrendering to hours of endless throbbing and 60 percent people claimed that their dogs warned them about migraine pain before an hour or two.

  • Low blood sugar:

If you are suffering from sugar then you didn’t need to worry about glucose level if you have a dog as dogs warn them whether sugar level is dropping or skipping as the research shows that dogs are particularly sensitive and sense the breath of person to detect the chemical linked with sugar level.

  • UTI Infections:

The dogs also able to smell pee of the owner and detect the several health diseases as the research shows that dogs sniff out several samples for eight weeks and the finding shows that they are able to detect four different bacteria with a minimum of 90 percent accuracy.

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