Dozens Killed In Mexico Fireworks Blast

Dozens Killed In Mexico Fireworks Blast

An explosion has occurred outside the Mexico City in the fireworks market killing more than 30 people and injuring nearly 70 people – a terrible situation exists in the area.

The scene of the blast was captured by the camera showing the rising of smoke from the ground into the sky over the town and the neighboring towns feel the ground shake about 40 kilometers and seventy-two people were injured by the scene. The reason of the blast was not yet revealed but the locals were advised to stay far from the ruined area and keep clear the roads.

The Mexico State governor, Eruviel Avila tells about the ratio of deaths in the scene and added that we had collected 26 bodies from the scenes and three also die in the hospitals and some children have burnt nearly 90 percent of their bodies and are sent to the Galveston for their special treatments and most people are burnt very badly and are identified via DNA.

The firefighters struggled for three hours to control the scene and due to the scene of the market nearby homes were also damaged and the media stated that 300 tons of fireworks existed in the market and continued to explode after the initial blast.

The destroyed town was well-known for their firework sales and the market was crowded with the locals and others went there to shop the firework for New-year as well as for the Christmas celebrations.

The witness girl Francisco added that when the explosion occurs she was in the middle of the stalls and hundreds of others also and then suddenly began to fire – she ran and see lots of blood and people with burns and cuts on their bodies – everything was flying including stones and bricks and catching fire. The witness Cesar added that people were running in all directions and crying – the scene was the most terrible one.Dozens Killed In Mexico Fireworks Blast

The state governor Avila added that she was open to finding the reason for the blast and punishes them who are responsible for the state loss as well as the valuable lives of the people.Dozens Killed In Mexico Fireworks Blast

The official Jose added that all the firework market is destroyed with the blasts and more than 80 percent of stalls are fired, the cause is still undefined but they are focusing on the injured people – the state official tells that the firework market is one of the safest as the stalls are properly located with reasonable distance so there is no chance of a spark.

The area of the blast is highly populated and the witness of the scene captured the smoke billowing into the sky – these scenes are frequent in the Mexico but this one is most awful.

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