Dustproof & Water-Resistant Smartphones & their Peculiarities

Dustproof & Water-Resistant Smartphones & their Peculiarities

When choosing a gadget, we pay attention primarily to the performance of its processor, the screen resolution, built-in memory, and similar specs. However, all the advantages of any powerful smartphone might nullify, if a device is used in extreme conditions and at the same time not protected from external influences.

The protection of a device is particularly relevant for the people who like traveling as well as for those who prefer adventure holiday. Indeed, in extreme field conditions, it is just impossible to protect your phone against bumps, dust and moisture and it is for such special occasions that water-resistant and dustproof smartphones were made, and they allow to maintain the delicate internals of your smartphone and hence let you take it with you wherever you go. What’s more, there are even some Samsung tablet devices that feature water and dust resistance today!


Degrees of protection

The main criterion of “indestructibility” of a smartphone is a degree of protection according to IP classes (“IP” stands for “International Protection”). IP – these are the standards of protection against moisture and dust, made for consumer electronics and mobile devices.

According to the IP classification, IP68 is considered the most protected against moisture / dust. The first digit stands for the level of protection against dust (ranging from 0 to 6), the second ones stands for moisture (ranges from 0 to 8). The IP protection in modern dust proof and water-resistant smartphones differs slightly, and, as a rule, it is either IP67 or IP57. The protection level of “5” means that dust can get inside the phone, but its performance will not be affected. The level of “6” means that the dust cannot get it at all. The water resistance of level “7” indicates that the device can be put to a depth of 1m for not less than half an hour without any negative consequences for the device.


The bodies of dust proof and water-resistant smartphones are made of special materials. These may be materials based on carbon fibers, structural alloys, or high strength plastic (often – rubberized). The glass is impact resistant by default and is able to withstand a significant physical impact (e.g., Gorilla Glass).


Previously, such smartphones were produced only in the monoblock form factor. However, in recent years, many manufacturers have introduced the devices that have all the modern functionality. The specs of these smartphones are impressive: multi touch screens with a diagonal of more than 4.5” and high-resolution (up to 4K), multi-core processors, large RAM and plenty of internal storage.


The dimensions and weight of dust and water resistant smartphones are usually quite big, though. The reason for this is that manufacturers use massive bodies made of high-strength materials. Nevertheless, very often, they are ergonomically shaped and provide you with non-slip inserts for a comfortable grip.

So we hope that you find our article useful especially you are into adventure holidays or extreme sports. As for brands that manufacture dust proof and water-resistant smartphones, we recommend you opt for some reputable ones such as Samsung (you can check Samsung smartphone price online) or Sony in preference to Chinese no-name brands.

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