Ethiopia Cuts Off Internet Connection To Stop High School Exam Leaks

Ethiopia Cuts Off Internet Connection To Stop High School Exam Leaks

A stunning commitment has been announced from the government officials of Ethiopia to fair play and leveling the educational playing field to shut down the internet access during exam days.

The state officials announced that the internet connection was cut off during the exam weeks as they not only cut the connection from school but the whole country suffered the same as they want to make the exams fair and want students to focus on their studies.

The announcement came along as they are cutting off all the social media access till the 8th June as eight hundred thousands of students take their grade 10 exams across the nation as the test is equivalent to GCSEs.

The country exam takes place from May 31 until June 2 for Grade 10 where the exams for Grade 12 should be conducted from June 5 until June 8.Ethiopia Cuts Off Internet Connection To Stop High School Exam Leaks

The government officials announced this statement towards cutting off the internet as last year exams should be posted online publically and a government should need to reschedule the test as the test should secure places at university.

The officials were worried for the student future as the last year attempt will be made the officials stunned as the leak of the test were gone online easily.

The public relation director of Ethiopia added that we want to prevent the test leaks that occurred last year, we want our students to concentrate on their studies as the social media brought distraction to studies and remain to pressurize.

But the official doesn’t announce the exact date when will be the Internet remains available for the people and students but added it will remain unavailable until the exam session.

The Internet remains available for the online banking these days, and for the airlines, anyone wants airline ticket the internet will be available and confirms the WIFI and cellular network service for the internet also remains unavailable for the people.

The embassies and international organizations still use the internet access as the network was not cut off from these places, the protest occurred the last year 2015 and 2016 over social media ban but this time country bans the social media to prevent exam cheats.

Well, the people of the state and country has to remain unavailable with the internet service for weeks but this decision will bring positive changes and government will able to conduct a fair test for the students.

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