EU student’s applications in UK universities down by 9%

EU student’s applications in UK universities down by 9%

The number of EU students applying for UK universities is decreasing rapidly – new figures shows it.

Data says that there has been 9 percent fall in EU students applying for medicine, veterinary science to early October deadline – the figure is revealed by UCAS the admission services – government guarantee on EU student funding came on 11 October.

The previous data and new figures revealed that EU students applied last year with total applications 6,860 whereas this year application is decreased by 9 percent and total applications are 6,240 – it shows the decrement of 620 applications.

However, the decrement of EU students contrary to this UK student application rose 3 percent and overseas applications rose 1 percent to the same deadline.

Reasons beyond fall of applications:

  • The government’s announcement comes too close to the deadline – for EU students that they can pay the same fees and have the same access as UK students but students are not sure that this loan holds for the full duration of their courses.
  • Nicola Dandridge added that government announced the loan for EU students too late as the admissions opened on 6th of September but there is no announcement till 11th of October. Only a small number of applications are received as students are not confirmed about the loan and fees criteria – she also added we welcome the European Students to come in the UK for the study.
  • Those perspectives the European students whether they have to apply to UK universities or not.

The data defines only the applications for medicine, veterinary science beginning in the year 2017 but the Nicola said the full picture becomes clear when the applications for January deadline becomes close which usually contains 90 percent of applications.

Just after the days when applications are closed government has assured the European candidates that they can still study in the universities with same loan and fees as England students also for the next year with £9,000 fees and can enjoy the same access for the duration of their studies.

The Oxford University said the increment of 1 percent in applications from EU students and 4 percent overall increment and also added they are continuing welcome EU students and attractive option for undergraduate study.

The Cambridge University said that application shows the decrement of EU student and added we are extremely sad on the reduction of EU students undergraduate programs as Cambridge always remain an attractive place for EU students.

A government spokesperson added we are predicting too early about the applications – but the overall increase in application number is positive and students can benefit them more next year from higher education.

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