Exercise Alone Isn’t Enough To Lose Weight

Exercise Alone Isn’t Enough To Lose Weight

Exercise is important for the health of the body but it is not enough for preventing weight loss as diet matters a lot for than exercise for losing weight or maintaining a shape of a body.

The new study examined thousands of people and provides a counter answer to an expectation of the people showing that exercise alone fails to prevent the weight loss but take necessary diet for losing weight matters a lot for a person.

The study period is large enough to calculate the right reason for maintaining weight of the body and study shows that people that are actually exercising per week didn’t seem that they lose weight but in some cases they even gained more weight compare to those who do exercise less than others will lose weight in the same period.

The study suggests that ‘physical activity doesn’t mean you are losing weight – it suggests that activities play a vital role in reducing the risk of heart disease or many others but signifying that only physical activity is not enough for weight loss’.

The study shows that people are a fool that believes obesity is entirely due to lack of exercise – we are gaining the obesity due to high-calorie drinks or sweet beverages these are the main reason of gaining weight and we still believe on a false perception.

The doctors and researchers added a message to the public stated as ‘let us correct our concept about obesity and say no to a bad diet to maintain weight of our body’ – the people that still wants to lose the weight need to opt the food that is high in fat or low in carbohydrates and sugar.1

The researchers added that ‘athletes are working out and doing exercise but they are taking food that is high in fat or has fewer carbohydrates as it is ideal for a body as well for bones’. You need to avoid the junk foods or sugary drinks to maintain your physical weight.

A healthy life of the person depends both on the physical activity as well on the balanced diet – a lot of benefits occurs of the exercise but all of them are wasted if you are taking the bad diet.

The researchers noted the weight of people at the start of the search, after one year or twice a year and show that those who meet the guidelines of physical activity increase the weight and those who are not following have to lose their weight.

It shows that eating food has deep effects on the weight of the person as exercise prompt one to eat more food and exercise will help you to lose weight.

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