Experts are investigating why 10,000 Titicaca Water Frogs were found dead in River

Experts are investigating why 10,000 Titicaca Water Frogs were found dead in River

The death of some 10,000 Titicaca water frogs has been found in River Coata in the south of the country.

The words are appalling that hundreds of Titicaca frogs are found floating dead in the river – the only place the species can be found in the world.

Peru is investigating what kills thousands of frogs (also known as scrotum frogs) endangered species. A campaign group added that the reason for deaths of water frog is pollution.

The government has ignored sewage of the area and Titicaca frogs only reside in pure water shared by Peru and other areas – the investigation is continued against the deaths of rare frogs.

Peru’s National Forestay said: they had started the investigation based on locals and collect nearly hundreds of samples from the river and according to nearby more than ten thousand frogs are affected by pollution and affected area may be 50 km i.e. (30 miles).

The Titicaca frogs are entirely aquatic and live in water and water becomes poisoned by pollution is possibly the cause of deaths of frogs and its numbers have declined in the year.

The frog species lives only in the lake of Peru and Bolivia’s and are believed to be dead in the river.

Titicaca Water Frogs:

Telmatobius culeus are popularly known as Titicaca frogs for its loose skin and has an excessive amount of skin weighing 1kg and one of the largest aquatic frogs in the world. They got a nickname because they breathe in high-altitude habitat.

Peruvian authorities are searching why more than 10,000 frogs are died in the lake suddenly? Last few decades some departments warn that human consumption can become the cause of giant frogs and their destruction.

The research departments and other activists are blaming pollution for the cause of deaths – as the frogs are already rare and this incident made their amount really low.dead-inquiry

The committee against pollution of river Coata was accused of authorities for not care the pollution of river – the protestors brought the 100 dead frogs to capital Puno for more inquiries.

Inquilla the protest leader urged the standard departments for a wake-up call and added authorities must realize how we are living and think about pollution – the situation is maddening. The situation is might dangerous because humans have collected these to eat and they are lost day by day.

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