Facebook Will Hire 500 UK Workers For New London Headquarters

Facebook Will Hire 500 UK Workers For New London Headquarters

The giant media Facebook will hire the new 500 employees for his new headquarters currently under development in Fitzrovia to increase its company British workforce.

The media giant Facebook has announced the expansion of 500 new staffs ranging from engineers to developers and many of the jobs are highly skilled roles – the majority of the roles will be based in London in its new developing site to serve as new headquarters in the UK.

Facebook’s European head Nicola said on Monday and announced the new recruitment at CBI’s office and describing the roles as they needed mostly high scaled persons and also tells that the UK is best known for tech industry and they first opened office in 2007 in London and now are ready to hire five hundred new people in the giant media.

The lady Mendelsohn who is vice president for Europe at Facebook said that the new recruitment of the highly skilled persons and the building will be the largest engineering base outside the United States as the UK is the important part of the Facebook. She said more than 300m people are connected to the giant media and about 10 percent occurred in Britain and London is becoming the second largest home for the Facebook.

The London Mayor, Sadiq Khan has welcomed the news and added that the capital’s vibrant tech and Facebook new commitment shows that London is the most demanding area for the tech companies and is open to talent, innovations from all other areas of the world.

The firm said that some of their important projects are being worked and studied in the UK including Aquila and a plane that supports internet connectivity – London staff is working to enhance the communication between workers within a business launched last month.

The interesting fact is that Facebook announced its news of the development of headquarters in London just after the Google has announced to develop its new building in London by investing £1bn and almost create 3000 new jobs for its headquarters by 2020.

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