Famous movie and TV appearances by Oliver Peoples

Famous movie and TV appearances by Oliver Peoples

There really is no mistaking the Oliver Peoples trademark look. They help to create the understated intellectual look-and they do it very well. Oliver Peoples sunglasses and glasses compliment the ordinary so well, that sometimes the brand’s public appearances slip under the radar when it comes to film and TV.

Everyone has spotted a pair of Ray Bans on the face of a film star, but where do Oliver Peoples feature?

New Girl

In 2011 Zooey Deschanel graced our screens as off-beat teacher Jess on the hit TV series, New Girl. Jess had recently moved into an L.A loft with three men, Nick, Schmidt and Winston following her ex boyfriend’s betrayal. Combining comedy and drama, the TV show follows the main characters who are in their early 30’s as they try to make sense of relationships and navigate their turbulent career paths. Jess’s character has an associated tagline, ‘totally adorkable,’ which alludes to her English teacher status and dress sense. With her chunky knits and shirt collars she off-sets her look with a pair of Oliver Peoples specs- different styles for different occasions of course.

The Amazing Spiderman

In June 2012 Columbia Pictures and Marvel Entertainment rebooted the Spiderman franchise with a brand new Spiderman film. American-British actor Andrew Garfield took on the role of Peter Parker and starred alongside Emma Stone who played the role of love interest Gwen Stacey. Garfield completed his ‘nerdy’ Peter Parker with the Oliver Peoples Larrabee model. However it wasn’t just Peter Parker’s character that endorsed the Oliver Peoples brand. Mad scientist Dr. Curt Connors (or The Lizard as he later reveals himself) sports a pair of the rounded Emerson model. Seems that these clever types all have problems with their sight.

American Psycho

In 2000 Christian Bale took on the role of Patrick Bateman, a wealthy, materialistic investment banker who leads a double life as a serial killer. The ultimate yuppie, Bateman is rich, shallow and addicted to sex and drugs. Bale’s character, despite his grotesque love of killing, was very fashion conscious, wearing the best and most on trend clothing- including Oliver Peoples O’Malley. Sadly, if you’re looking to emulate the serial killer’s look Oliver Peoples no longer make the exact frame seen in American Psycho, but the Sheldrake are pretty similar.

Fight Club

Tom Cruise is generally dubbed as the saviour of Ray Ban after he increased sales by 40% following his appearance in a pair of Wayfarers in the 1983 film Risky Business. However, in 1999 Cruise swapped his Ray Bans for not one, not two but three models of Oliver Peoples sunglasses in the cult film Fight Club.

Mr & Mrs Smith

In 2005 Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie appeared in Mr & Mrs Smith a story that followed an upper-middle class couple who both learn that the other is an assassin hired by competing agencies to kill one another. The pair rekindle their marriage but in turn have to fend off multiple attacks on their lives as each agency calls for the couple to be assassinated. To complete their ‘agent’ look both Pitt and Jolie wear Oliver Peoples Victory sunglasses.

Due Date

Starring Robert Downey Jr. as expectant father Peter Highman and Zach Galifianakis as a wannabe actor Ethan Tremblay the 2010 film Due Date tells a story of Peter’s disastrous attempt to return home to his wife who is in the early stages of labour. Chancer Ethan successfully, yet unintentionally ruins Peter’s attempts to get California for the birth of his child. Throughout the comedy Robert Downey Junior hides his frustration with a pair of Oliver Peoples Benedict frames.


In 2001 Smallville hit our TV screens. The TV programme followed the life of Clark Kent, played by Tom Welling, before he becomes known as Superman. From his high school experience into adulthood, Smallville really let the audience know the real Clark Kent. In series six Tom Welling appeared in some handsome thick, black rimmed glasses- the Oliver Peoples Denison model no less.

The world class eyewear brand Oliver Peoples may be understated but it’s certainly not underrepresented in film and television. Much like its rivals, Oliver Peoples works to ensure that their models are featured in the most popular titles.

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