Freezing Weather In Europe Causes Hardships And Chaos

Icy weather in Europe cause hardship

Europe is totally hit by the weather including extremely cold strong winds and powerful storms and is becoming the cause of closure of schools.

The weather is becoming the danger for a lifestyle of the people as the extremely cold winds and snowstorms are becoming the cause of traffic blocks, power cuts and lots of accidents. Most of the areas lost their electricity and lots of travels are delaying due to the weather.

Different weather disorder:

The WMO stands for (World Meteorological Organization) has warned about the weather circumstances and different disorder people were facing in the different regions.

They added that cold weather was making the situations difficult for the residents as it is responsible for the closure of the schools as well as delays of air flights and many traveling situations. The people were bound to stay at home due to the cold weather outside and blockage of roads.

The world organization was also worried about the migrants and the people that were homeless and have limited access towards the fire or lite heating and warned that several migrants may die in Bulgaria due to extreme cold weather.

Freezing temperature:Icy weather in Europe cause hardship

The latest weather model and trend indicates that Europe was facing the coldest temperature in the world and this year temperature is much higher than the last year.

Some countries in the world are facing the heaviest snowfall this year in many years and this shows that people widely facing the difficult circumstances. The river Danube and Bosporus Sea are closed to shipping as their temperature is extremely higher than others.

The Bulgaria and Serbia are much colder as their temperature lows as -15C over last five days, the information added by the WMO.

The important factor to notice is that the surroundings were also cold from last years as their temperature were 5 to 10C colder than the normal time – the countries including Italy, Greece, Turkey and Romania.

Deaths of people due to freezing temperature:Icy weather in Europe cause hardship

The UNHCR added that nearly five refuges are died due to the cold weather with the start of this year – they added that saving the people life is first most priority and agencies have to work more to save the precious lives of the people.

Many people were died in Europe due to freezing temperature as most died due to hypothermia or many of them die in accidents.

The three motorists died in Bavaria in a crash and government warned the people on some roads to stop the accidents in different areas due to icy weather.

The whole world is facing the freezing temperature this year and the conditions are quite different from the previous years as most of the people that are dying are refugees or migrants or the people that are homeless and the government needs to work to save their lives and provide heat shelters to these people.

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