Golden Eagles back from brink as population soars to new height

Golden Eagles back from brink as population soars to new height

Britain’s golden eagles are out of danger as their population is soared to new height according to survey and count more than 500 breeding pairs in Scotland.

The bird’s status is changed and it is now out of danger as the raise of 15 percent golden bird – in the last survey, the bird’s count is 442 in 2003 whereas this year their ratio reaches to 508 pairs. Experts also added that the rising figure of eagles shows that – it is now recovering to previous historic level.

Golden Eagles are regarded by many people as it is the national bird of Scotland – golden eagles were common in past in England and Wales but due to the widespread persecution they were disappeared from the areas and now only be found in Scotland.

The recovery of Scotland’s national bird results in increased monitoring and stronger actions against wildlife crime and these massive birds are more likely to live longer and adults living up to 25 years.

Orr-Ewing the head of land management at RSPB Scotland said the golden eagles were liked by the people and it is the magnificent bird – hopefully, we are now seeing more elegant birds in the sky. He also added that now the killing is fewer due to satellite tagging of birds that helps to identify the killing. There have been eight birds are disappeared in past five years and there is no another explanation about the technology as it is military grade technology.

Orr-Ewing also added four birds are illegally killed in central in 2009 – the continued absence of golden eagles in some areas of Scotland remains a concern and they are working to be done.

The survey of golden eye occurred in 2003 and now the latest survey occurred in 2015 and it was telling that Golden Eagle birds lived in remote areas and seen in flight during spring – the northern highlands of the country saw the increment of golden eagles figure from the year 2003 and the latest survey but in highlands of Inverness shows the significant drop of golden eyes.

Scottish National Heritage Director said: it is wonderful to see golden eyes in rising figure as it is the worth of Scotland and a species that loved by the people mostly when they are visiting our wild landscapes and we are working to eliminate the factors that are limiting the birds and hope to see the increment in next survey.

We are pleased to learn that golden eagles are now in favorable condition first time since national surveys as it is the large tribute to our country.

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