Google challenges social media with launch of its customizable news feed

Google challenges social media with launch of its customizable news feed

The tech giant is rolling out latest feature for its news feed and it is a direct challenge towards the social media giant Facebook and it uses machine learning for providing promising results.

Have you ever use the limited version of feed provided by Google for Android users?

Google provides the desiring results to the people towards their search as it uses the perfect algorithm for searching and similarly, it is investing in the newsfeed with the better machine learning technology and that is more anticipating for the people.Google challenges social media with launch of its customizable news feed

The company is providing the platform and one can enjoy the news that matters for the people and made the platform that is easier for the people and stay connected what they want to be.

The tech giant added that it will provide the details of the feed for the people based on their previous searches on the Google and interests and you are able to define the lists of topics.

The tech giants also provide you affected results based on your geographic location like personalized weather and traffic forecasts.

The latest update of Google’s feed:

  • Google latest update is available for the Android and IOS users inside the app and also available towards the Pixel launcher and they are working to provide the customized feed for the desktop web users on the home page.
  • The tech experts added that Google is the world largest tech company and provide plenty of services towards the people and this time they are providing the feed and wants to become the browsing destination for the people like Facebook and twitter.
  • The latest update was much bigger than thoughts of the people and proved that this platform is not only bound towards the search gateway to other websites.

The Google update for the feed comes along with the brilliant machine intelligent as it provides you trending news in your area and also related to your interests but provides you an option to block news.Google challenges social media with launch of its customizable news feed

  • For instance, if you were fed up from viewing any news then you can simply tell to tech giant and it will stop showing stories related to a certain topic.
  • The searching of stories for your feed is perfect e.g. if you love to watch interviews in 2015 or have interest for antique clocks in 2011, it will pop up the stories related to these topics and it doesn’t bound to your recent activities.
  • The manufacturers added that the tech giant search will work in the background even when you are not searching and provide you the information relevant to the users and interest to read these stories.

Google was serious towards its latest launch and provide you chance to meet the latest and updated feed stories that amaze you and invite the journalists for its launch and also title the latest feature with beautiful words including ‘Feed your need to know’ and more you read and more places you’ll go.

The company providing this service to the world and it becomes available for the people in a couple of weeks and still bounded to mobile this time, later it is available for desktops.

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