Graham can save your life in a car crash

Graham can save your life in a car crash

According to Asirt (Association For Safe International Road Travel) Nearly 1300 Thousand people die each year
as a result of road crashes, about an average of 3300 deaths a day and not only this
there are large numbers of injured or disabled people are nearly 20-50 million.

Those numbers of deaths each year are shocking, now some scientist in Australia, was working on project Graham
has come forward with solution which is Graham.
graham side

You have to look like him If you Want to save your life in a car crash, it can be look scary to you but,
“it has perfect body to survive in a car crash” according to creators of Graham.

This project was part of an Australian road safety campaign, to create Graham they have use silicone,
human hair and fiberglass.


graham chest

He has strong Rib Cage to help save inner body parts during any type of car crash because cars are much
faster then the past.

You can view 3d Graham online, all information about Graham and images source:




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