If You're Going For A More Vibrant, Effective Feel, Brighter Hues Such As Reds And Oranges Can Give This Effect

Painting: This might seem noticeable, but painting on a room is the number one solution to change its style. If you want a peaceful tone in a room, pastels in blues, greens and yellows can instantly make your room a paradise of tranquility. If you're looking for a more vibrant, energetic feel, shiny shades such as reds or oranges can give this effect. Sound like too much work? Consider an "accent wall". This is a wall which has various color than rest of the walls in the room. You can then include little variations such as a shelf, picture, plant or that antique console or end table that you never knew what to do with. This wall can become the attraction of a room. You don't have to spend a lot of money on paint either, and some of the "designer" companies are no better than the less expensive brands.

Slipcovers, cushion covers: If you have a sofa or chair which has seen better days, but buying a new one is not in your decorating budget, you might like to test a slipcover. These come in various styles, fabrics & colors with a few being loose-fitting & others that stretch out & fit tightly over your couch or chair. Keep in mind that you may get custom-fitted slipcovers, but these are definitely more expensive than the regular, off-the-shelf variety. You would be very impressed at the difference a slipcover will make in your entire room. An additional replacement to a slipcover is a throw or afghan to drape across the back of your couch or chair. Also, just covering your cushions or getting new ones may breathe new life into a tired couch and brighten the room. Feeling ambitious? Visit your local fabric store & take a look at the variety of upholstery fabrics offered. You could try just covering your couch cushions or pillows, or cover the whole couch or chair. There is plenty of information online or in books on reupholstering furniture.

Small Touches: As mentioned above, furnishing your house on a budget doesn't mean having to spend all your free time performing it. Sometimes simply clearing off a cluttered table and adding an inexpensive vase with some fresh (or silk) flowers can refresh a room. Shop around at consignment stores, flea marketplaces and garden sales for second-hand furniture, vases, artwork, etc. If the household furniture isn't in best condition, but has a few scratches, these can easily be covered with touch-up varnish kits or a coat of paint. Artwork & vases or extra beautiful items needn't be expensive to make a significant difference. Go to a cheaper store and buy a new pair of inexpensive drapes or a valance to instantly revitalize a bedroom. Window scarves can also add a unique and sophisticated look to room as well. For a bathroom, just replacing your old, mildewy bath curtain with another one can make a huge difference, or add a new throw rug, hand towels or other bathroom extra accessories instead of doing an all-out redesign.

Create an Oasis No Matter How Small: As a mom to a pre-schooler, I'm simply no outsider to clutter. And when I look around and see clutter, I immediately start feeling stressed out. Since I can't keep my home best, or even close, I've found that just cleaning off one area, just like my coffee or dining room table (especially if I've been meaning to do it for a long time), can change my mood immediately. Just getting one area of calm without clutter, may be an instant mood-lifter.

If You're Going For A More Vibrant, Effective Feel, Brighter Hues Such As Reds And Oranges Can Give This Effect
You can then include little variations such as a shelf, picture, plant or that antique console or end table that you never knew how to handle things with. This wall will become the focal point of your room.

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