Hackers Hit San Francisco Transport System Giving Passengers Free Rides

Hackers Hit San Francisco Transport System Giving Passengers Free Rides

The public transportation in San Francisco has been hacked on the weekend and all the machines are offline and consumers rode for free over the weekend.

The San Francisco public cable cars are hacked with a virus and the hackers are demanding 100-bit coins ($70,000, £56,000, €66,000) on that hack – the attack displays the message “You Hacked” on the machines and displays the information for contact at yadex.com.

The machines remained offline and are not displaying the message, according to reports and customers are riding the transport for nothing and the machines are shut off by the staff.

The Yadex.com is the Russian internet company that has different online services including social network tools. The hack doesn’t affect the trains of the city and the representatives say that the investigation of the attack is under process.

The spoke person added that the team is working on the crime and investigating the whole matter but at this point we are unable to share any information due to security reasons but Mr. Ramsinghani added that the year 2016 is ransomware – the different technologies are being hacked and hackers are entering into systems such as schools, church, and hospitals.

The transportation company known as ‘Muni’ is responsible for looking the buses, trains and also cable cars of the San Francisco, to aware the people about the incident is also the duty of the firm. However, the ticketing machine of the cable cars back up early on Sunday and become online but nobody knows that if the virus is continued or not.

The hackers told the Hoodline the San Francisco news site that they have infected more than two thousand machines of Muni network and the firm Muni has one more day for the deal.

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