Headless Body Found In Danish Waters Is Missing Swedish Journalist

Headless Body Found In Danish Waters Is Missing Swedish Journalist

The headless torso was found at Copenhagen waterside while Danish police confirmed that body was identified as Swedish journalist Kim Wall.

The Danish police claim that torso’s DNA was matched with the Swedish Journalist Kim Wall. The police denied providing more information about the body until the brief press conference occurred. The statement was passed by the Copenhagen police early on Wednesday and brief press conference will hold at 0700 GMT.

When will Ms. Wall saw alive?

  • The Swedish Journalist was last seen alive on 10th August as she departed for the submarine trip with inventor Peter Madsen.
  • Wall, 30 was found missing at early hours of 11 August as she never returns from the trip spend with her boyfriend.
  • Kim Wall was known for her research and written for Guardian, New York Times and South China and was researching a feature about inventor which he built in 2008 with crowd funding.

Danish inventor was charged in the murder of Kim Wall:

  • The Danish inventor Peter Madsen was charged with killing the Swedish Journalist on his home-made submarine. Mr. Peter Madsen first added that he dropped the lady safely and alive near Copenhagen.
  • But this time, he changed his views and added that the accident occurred and he later buried the lady at the sea.Headless Body Found In Danish Waters Is Missing Swedish Journalist

What did the actual scene occur?

  • The body of Swedish journalist was found by the passing cyclist on Monday and the police added that it was too early to identify the body with a lady as the body was missing its head, legs, and arms.
  • This case has brought attention from all over the world while Danish and Swedish media was working hard with this case.
  • Madsen has been charged with the manslaughter of Wall as she was missing since the Danish inventor took her on his 17-meter submarine. The person was still denying with any wrong doing.
  • The lead investigator of the case added that the DNA of the Swedish journalist was taken from her toothbrush and hair brush which she used at her Swedish home. The DNA was matched with the torso found at sea side.
  • The metal was also attached to the torso to make sure that head will remain sank, the blood was also found from the submarine and it was believed that it matched with the Swedish journalist.

The exact scene of the murder was not clear yet but police were still looking for other body parts and post mortem examination was being carried out.

Mr. Madsen’s still doing make any confession about the scene and pretending that nothing happened. The case was close to the public to protect the further investigation.

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