HIV Testing Clinic Is So Famous, But Why?

HIV Testing Clinic Is So Famous, But Why?

There are many HIV testing Clinics in Singapore. However according to Singapore Law (Infectious Diseases Act) Doctors and all medical professionals who know that or even suspects that a person is HIV positive or even at risk of HIV they are by law required to inform the Ministry of Health of the person’s status.

Luckily, there are some HIV Testing Clinics in Singapore that have been given special permission to conduct HIV testing anonymously. Our clinic at Robertson Walk is one such Anonymous HIV testing Centre. This means when you come to our clinic at Robertson Walk for testing HIV, you do not need to show your passport, identity card or any other form of identification.

The HIV test is conducted on the spot and results take only less than 20 minutes. We can either use a finger prick blood sample or a saliva sample.

The HIV testing clinic we have at Robertson Walk is conveniently located close to the center of town.

The conduct of the test is very easy. You just need to fill up a simple form with non-identifying information like age band, gender, nationality etc. You will be given a number as an identifier. When the time comes for you to see the doctor, you will be called by this number.

The HIV test conducted at the HIV testing clinic is done on the spot. It can be done with a simple prick on the finger and a few drops of blood or a saliva swab test. There are different types of rapid tests available. Different tests are done at different window periods. The doctor will discuss your exposure with you and decided which test is most appropriate for you and when your exposure was.

The finger prick is done with a single use disposable needle. Blood is collected into a capillary tube and placed on the testing kit. After about a minute, the chase buffer is added. You can see the pink reagent running up the testing strip. This is a technology known as lateral flow chromatography.

The pink reagent will flow past the testing area and then the control area. If a patient is HIV positive, a red/pink bar will appear in the testing area. After a few minutes, another red/pink bar should appear in the control area. If a patient is HIV negative, the red/pink bar will not appear in the test area but should appear in the control area. If not bar appears in the control area that means the test is defective and has to be repeated.

In all HIV testing clinics, there is always the risk of false negative or false positive tests. Our doctors are well trained to counsel you on the outcome of the test. If a test is positive, blood will be drawn from the patient and sent for a confirmatory test. Confirmatory tests can vary. Some HIV testing clinics use the Western Blot. Some use the HIV RNA PCR. Some use another antibody or HIV Combo test.

It is useful to remember that being diagnosed with HIV is not the end of the world. These days with modern treatment methods, many patients lead very long and healthy lives while living with HIV.

HIV treatment at our HIV testing clinic is available. It is very straightforward and only involves taking medicine with regular doctor follow-up visits and blood tests.

If you require an HIV test, please visit any one of our HIV testing Clinics.

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