How Social Media Helping Recruiters Find Perfect Candidate

How Social Media Helping Recruiters Find Perfect Candidate

Social media are a perfect place for companies to look for candidates

Firms already know it is a good idea to check candidate profile via Facebook because a company wants to know everything about its employee. Sometimes operative seems to be drug and lying about qualification but another reason using Facebook to check how well is at his job.

Facebook page is the first interview for any candidate, if you don’t like him at page then you must don’t like him working. Kluemper said we were able to predict student academic career than on cognitive test based on his page.

Some recruiters called it social media, others called it screening but appropriate term is stalking. Facebook is part of recruiting at three out of every four companies; a recent survey by Vault.

Social media platforms are an ideal place for recruiters to look for candidates.

Facebook is the place where you stay in touch with your family, friends and share the news with others. Billions of people use Facebook daily; it means vast potential candidates for recruiters are available.

According to the survey, 45 percent of companies use Facebook to communicate with candidates.

Facebook Ads are the new phenomenon; no doubt all of us have a similar type of Ads in our newsfeed. But you may have also seen a job advertisement for role or industry, this is likely result based on information that Facebook learned from your behavior on the site.

Facebook provides service for businesses to pay for advertisements to display Ads on other people feeds. When you place an add, Facebook can choose an exact person based on sex, religion, age and much more.


Multiethnic Group of People Socail Networking at Cafe

Digital marketer says most recruiters using Facebook; it has most data on anyone out of all other tech companies. With 1.3 billion active users daily, Facebook is a platform where you can search candidates for all types of jobs.

Jobvite Research that recruiters just don’t stop at Linkedin, 66% via Facebook, 52% via twitter and 21% via Google+, platform WhatsApp, Instagram and Snapchat also becoming popular for the same purpose.

Like it or not but we all are being watched and assessed online and becoming part of standard recruitment.

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