How to master the settings of an equalizer?

Equalizer setting

Equalizer is something that not a lot of people are not very much accustomed to. A lot of people think that the equalizer is just some rows of sliders which helps in increasing the volume but that is not the case. The equalizer basically works as an audio enhancer and gives people the liberty to change the way the song or the music is played. Previously all the equalizer settings were available in the cassette players, but those days are far behind. All the equalizer settings are now available in different devices in the digital format. It is said that if the settings of the equalizer are kept at par then users are able to enjoy music to the fullest.

The thing about equalizers is that it changes depending on the genre of music that is played. Most of the equalizer applications now come preloaded with all the different genre of songs. The equalizer settings for a Pop song is very different than the equalizer settings for a rock song.

Why use an equalizer?

Every person has their own set of ideas on how a song or music should sound and this is the reason why equalizer plays a very important role. When users are playing music, they always don’t have the ideal environment around them, and this is why it is important for them to use the equalizer so that they are able to get the best output out of it. Some like to play music when they are out in the part, whereas some like to play music in the gym. For both those surroundings, the equalizer settings will be completely different because one is indoors and the other one is outdoors.

What is the job of an equalizer?

Sound equalizer is generally used to manipulate the frequency of the sound wave. The job of an equalizer is to change the sound wave and adjust it in such a way that the music can be enjoyed in all the surroundings. People generally see the graphic equalizer when playing different music which is exactly the frequency that is emitted by the output device. Generally, in the display, the frequency of the bass is kept on the left and the treble on the right.

What is Frequency?

Frequency is basically a vibration which is required to produce sound. When the sound waves are faster in nature the frequency is also on the higher side. All the musical instruments have their own set of frequencies. A guitar has a very different sound frequency than the drums

How to set up your Equalizer?

If you are looking to set up your equalizer, then there is no right and wrong. The equalizer should be set in such a way that the listener is happy with. Some people like to listen to music which has more treble in it so for the equalizer settings in the right should be kept high, whereas for people who prefer bass can keep the equalizer settings in the left high.

Now a day the equalizer settings come preloaded with different settings, which users can use to make things easier for them. If you have no clue what you are doing, then the simplest thing to do is keep all the settings in the middle.

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