Human evolution is affected by caesarean births

Human evolution is affected by caesarean births

The increment of regular caesarean births has an effect on baby weight, size and change the human evolution according to new research says, scientists.

The mother needs surgical delivery of a baby and increments of the surgery in last decades have a huge gap between baby size and mothers’ pelvis size according to the study.

The evolution of surgical delivery is increasing in the modern society due to mother narrow pelvis and babies of large birth weights and the study shows that babies cannot fit down the birth canal and the cases are increases as they were 30 from 1000 in the 1960s whereas today the cases fallen to 36 from 1000.

The researchers in Austria have developed the theory after a lot of exploration and tell that it is difficult to understand the human evolution – why the C-section cases are higher? said by Dr. Phillip at university of Vienna and added that women with small pelvis are alive due to modern equipment as in past 100 years ago women with narrow pelvis would not survive.

The question here arises that why human pelvis is not growing over years ago? If the genes encoding narrow pelvis to their daughters? But historically these genes don’t pass to the baby.

The new study has gathered the information and make new mathematical model and tells that the larger the baby born more chances of surviving and are safe from diseases instead of small size – in the recent years the caesarean birth rate is grown but there is controversy how much of them needed it.

The study shows that surgical birth rate is increased from the past years and has actually affected the evolution by making a gap between pelvic and larger newborn babies. In the earlier time it will be done on dying women to survive the baby but now every three women have to face the problem from four births globally.

Future Trends:

The scientists tells that increment of surgical birth globally can be shown as it in the past it will be 3 percent but now it will raise to 3.3 – 3.6 percent of 1000 births and originally we can say that it is increased 10 to 20 percent due to evolutionary effect – the conclusion is that this effect will continue in the future but slowly the research is published by National Academy.

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