Hurricane Mathews Closes To Florida After Hundreds Dead In Haiti

Hurricane Mathews Closes To Florida After Hundreds Dead In Haiti

Hurricane Mathews is a stronger storm and it killed more than 300 people in Haiti when it hits the U.S.

Florida urged 12 million people under a hurricane watch. Hurricane Mathews was the worst storm in nearly a decade and moving towards the Bahamas after slicing through Haiti and Cuba.

In Haiti more than 300 people died, most of them are killed by falling trees and swollen rivers. The nearby homes were destroyed and almost 80% of buildings were leveled. The rescue agencies and workers battle to reach the destroyed areas of the country and resolve the damage.

Tuesday, the collapse of the important bridge has lost the southwest. The system of electricity is down and people are out of food and water after the disaster. The hurricane hit the Haiti on Tuesday with 145 mph winds and heavy rain that destroyed almost 3200 houses leaving more than 15,000 people homeless.

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The warehouses are uses by the government to supply food and water to the people, nine army helicopters are sent to deliver the food and water. The country is one of the world poorest and four people die on Tuesday in neighboring Dominican Republic. Several people are walking here and there because they have no house, they don’t know where to go in the critical situation.

Hurricane Mathews closes to Florida:florida

The hurricane is battling towards Florida on Friday morning and it is the first flood that directly hits the US in a decade. The state governor’s said the flood was of category 4 and unfortunately it will kill people. The state of emergency is declared in more than 28 Florida, he said more than 6000 national guards were activated and here is the danger that storm was expected up to 11 feet along the coast.

More than 1.5 million people are living along the coast of Florida, the state’s electricity reported that more than 13,000 people have lost power and weather conditions are deteriorated quickly.

There are no excuses you have to leave, evacuate. Evacuate and Evacuate, he said. Are you willing to risk your life by staying in the area? The storm is coming and stay in your home where you should be.

There are lots of situations that come after the flood in Florida that we never presumed but we just hope that more lives are safe after this hurricane.

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