If you see this coat hook in public toilet – leave straight away

If you see this coat hook in public toilet – leave straight away

The technology is growing rapidly and the use of cameras in public is also growing rapidly as people wants to spy towards others but can you imagine regular coat hook can spy you?

The police are spreading the news about the spy cameras attached to the regular coat hook on the back of the door – what look like the regular coat hook and you need to hang your coat while you in the public places such as public toilet?

You probably hang your coat or undress your coat while you are using the shared toilet or public thought and probably you don’t look towards the regular hook on the back of the door but you have to look towards this hanger as they are recording your videos and these kinds of hooks are common in the women’s toilet.

The hook looks like such a regular coat hanger and readily available on different websites and you can order it quite easily but the fact is that these hooks are attached in the women’s toilet or beach places as the hook consists of the camera inside.If you see this coat hook in public toilet – leave straight away

The police are alerting the people with the latest moment of the hackers or blackmailers and aware the people to look carefully while changing their dress or hanging their coats on the regular hook as many cases are captured by police with this hook.

The spy cameras are common towards the people as innocent looking hooks consists of miniature cameras inside which record the video from the top of the plastic and the person who placed the hook in the room has access to record the video and download the video to the computer.

The police department told the people about the spy cameras and added the people with the public property needs to check their toilets or other places immediately and if you find anything suspicious you need to call the police and we will respond.

The police added that these kinds of cameras are tiny in the size and difficult to identify whether a camera is looking towards you but you need to be careful while you are changing your clothes in the public toilet or dress rooms as nobody double glance towards the hook to identify the camera.

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