In Florida Hurricane Hermine Storm Has Made Landfall

In Florida Hurricane Hermine Storm Has Made Landfall

Hermine was getting closer to Florida coast early Friday, knocking down power lines, making landfall and the wind with 80 mph.

The storm of category 1 hit east of St. Marks around 1.30 am with 80 miles per hour wind according to U.S National Center and was expected to hit Florida within an hour. At 2 am was centered about 35 miles and was moving northeast near 14 mph.

Governor Scott declared emergency in more than 50 countries and ordered to close offices on Friday, he warned people from danger of storm on Thursday and request them to move shelters and make sure your food and drinks, he also added:

“It is a life reassuring situation; there are a lot of risks. I want everybody to safe. You can rebuild your house or property but you can’t rebuild your life.”

He added more than 7000 guardsmen in Florida are ready to rescue the situation after the storm passes. Hermine is expected to push down towards Georgia and North Carolina with heavy raining and deadly flooding.

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The national weather service said Hermine produce rainfall from 5 to 10 inches which possible floods of 20 inches. A combination of dangerous storm causes dry areas near the course to be flooded. The NWS warned next 12 to 24 hours are life threatening.

The weather channel said: whole big bend is for a brutal night. Chason said: I’ve never seen it this high, I’m in the area since 30 years, I hope it didn’t go higher, we need a lot of prayers.

City officials in Tallahassee, which is the start of the storm reported more than 32,000 houses, are without power. They also warned people to rush towards higher ground.

The last hurricane strike Florida since 2005, causes the death of five and estimated $23bn of damage.

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