Is a traumatized accident lead to brain changes? Experts unveils the research

Is a traumatized accident lead to brain changes? Experts unveils the research

Girls stressed worse than boys because a region of the brain is shrink – new research according to Stanford University study.

Traumatic situations are the cause of emotions and empathy and were found small in the girls this is the reason girls reaction is worse than boys in stressful conditions and experts believe the response may speed up the aging process in girls.

The University of Stanford has gathered fifty-nine children whom ages are nine to seventeen with similar IQs underwent MRI scans and their findings show that boys and girls brains could display different symptoms after particularly stressing or frightening event and should be treated differently.

The research shows that the girls with PTSD will develop faster growth on one part of insula than the normal aging – whereas the part insula or insula cortex has several connections are located deep within the brain and this part possesses feelings and pain.

  • Smaller insula in traumatized girls:fea

The researchers divided two group one group of boys and girls have at least one trauma whereas the second group has not exposed to any – and the group with trauma shows that insula size and volume differs with the second group with no trauma i.e. long-term stress plays a key role in developing PTSD. The insula is suggested as the key role for the development of the PTSD.

What is PTSD: Young generation is often exposed to traumatic stress and they develop PTSD i.e. a term to describe psychological effects that are involved in a critical event and its symptoms including flashbacks, avoiding reliving the event and problems sleeping.

People with PTSD often suffer a variety of problems including social withdrawal but the fact is that research shows that girls develop PTSD than boys who experience trauma but unable to determine why. They conducted MRI of 59 children and find no difference in brain structure; however, the kid with trauma saw a difference in portions of the insula.

  • Findings tell different reactions:

Dr. Megan the study co-author tells about the research: the different reactions of boys and girls are important to consider for stressful events – the youth with trauma are consider the sex differences and our findings tells that boys and girls with different trauma symptoms may benefit from different approaches and she also added about the girls that high level of stress contribute to early puberty in girls – and now they are working to research on other areas to insula to see if they detect similar changes.

  • Clinicians help:

The researchers said their findings will help the clinicians to treat the persons with different trauma with different methodology – as they find out a difference between sexes in regulating emotions after a better understanding of brain and emotions they are able to develop the sex-specific trauma treatments.

They also studied how PTSD will differ in boys and girls and want to find out completely as well as sex-specific treatments are beneficial or not. The purpose of the search is to anticipate and prevent diseases of the brain and help to diagnose the disease and its treatment properly.

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