Kabul concert goes ahead despite threats

Kabul concert goes ahead despite threats

Afghanistan is the country known for suicide attacks and terrorism but few years the government is working hard to stop these fights.

The threats and attacks were high in the region but there occurs Afghan pop concert that shock the terrorist. Hundreds of young generation including men and women attended the Afghan pop star Aryana Sayeed concert.

This concert was highly threatened for an attack and opposition from the conservatives but still, people are looking for music in the region.

The concert was occurred at a heavily protected intercontinental hotel in the region and was the rare music concert in the city.

A situation in the region:

  • The fact is that Kabul faced a series of suicide attacks in the past few months and this concert was also threatened with bomb attack but nothing happened on Saturday’s night.
  • The concert was originally scheduled to hold at Ghazi stadium but police denied to provide complete security. Later they decided to schedule Independence Day concert some other place. More than 3,000 tickets were sold at premium rates to enjoy the concert.
  • The authorities are not guaranteed to provide the complete security at the venue of Ghazi stadium but Aryana Saeed did not give up and perform at the different venue.

Fans of Aryana were also happy:

  • One fan added that ‘Despite the huge threat of the region, I didn’t believe that such a big amount of people come to the concert. I have seen big amount of girls as compared to the men’
  • I asked some of the girls why are you here? You don’t know about the threats but they replied we are here to slap the people that are against the music.

Aryana Sayeed was Afghanistan pop star:Kabul concert goes ahead despite threats

  • Aryana Sayeed was the popular singer of the region and described as Kim Kardashian of Afghanistan due to her long straight hairs. She is also known for her dressing at different concerts.
  • The lady was able to sing the song in two languages Dari and Pashto and both are the main languages of Afghanistan. Ms. Aryana was determined to perform at the concert even the venue is at threat the day before the concert.
  • She added that ‘I want to provide the happiness to my Afghan fellows who are living in danger of the area’ She had received a number of death threats towards her outfit as people declared these outfits are affront the Afghan culture.
  • Aryana Sayeed added that ‘Few people in the region are against the music culture and against the celebration such as Eid, Independence Day and New Year. We should need to stand together to fight against these people.
  • The celebrations are the basic needs of the people!

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