Lady Gaga Wows Audience At Super Bowl Halftime Show Avoid Politics

Lady Gaga Wows Audience At Super Bowl Halftime Show Avoid Politics

Lady Gaga rocked the Super Bowl halftime and spread the message of unity during a patriotic performance on Sunday (5 February) and entertain the crowd with her top hits melody.

The pop singer spread the positive message among the people as she was the opponent of US president and provides the audience with the message of peace and added that ‘America, we are here to make you feel good’  without mention the president on stage.

The lady Gaga, 30 presented the stage with the song ‘This land is our land’ by standing on the roof of the stadium at NRG stadium in Houston, Texas and adjusted the tone that provides entertainment to the crowd rather than political protest.

The lady Gaga is performing well and after the song, she was lowered to the stadium with the wire – at the annual press conference, lady gaga promised her fans to perform based on the principles and tolerance at the Super Bowl Half Time.Super Bowl LI - Lady Gaga Pepsi Zero Sugar Halftime Show

She performed the song Poker face and entertain the crowd with her amazing performance of the show and then played piano on the song ‘Hey Dad, hi mom’ and also perform on the song of Bad Romance and crowded by dozens of dancers.

The lady only changed her dress for twice within the show and presented the first song and saying ‘No matter black, white….I was born to brave’ and she was performing the show to an expect 110 million TV audience and saying we are here to make it feel good.Pepsi Zero Sugar Super Bowl LI Halftime Show

The gaga addressed that I have an opportunity to show a different picture of the country for those who think they are separate but their hearts are the same.

Ahead of the show, the celebrity added this show will bring the people together and totally based on the equality and justice and prompt people towards the spirit of equality and the theme of the show is amazing as dozens of drones appeared behind her at height and the star added that justice for all.

The plenty of months are required for planning the Super Bowl show and she was the second young actress that represent the half of the show on the stage and remain headline of the super bowl show.4

The star perform her show with the help of drones to the audience of 160 million and represent the quality work and the reports shows that they take special permission from the intelligence over the drone show and it must be the first time when you see the 300 drones are flying in the formation and making the best scene of the life.

The media reported that the commentary booth and the public toilet were gone black to represent the visuals on the television and she ended the show with the bad romance crowded 40 dancers and wear the white costume inspired by the football and drop her mike and jumping to the crowd holding a silver glittery football.

Although, the purpose of Lady Gaga to unite the people and spread the positive message among them is done and became the best hit singer of the super bowl half time show and collaborate the unity among people.  

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