Life Stage, Facebook Launches New App For Teenagers

Life Stage, Facebook Launches New App For Teenagers

Facebook is often claimed that teenagers are leaving it as their parents and grandparents join. Now the largest social network has launched an app for 21 years old and under.

LifeStage, this is the name of the new Facebook app that is available on IPhone i.e. IOS users can only access this app. The app is prepared of “Visual Profiles” i.e. you answer the questions in the form of video shoot instead of text.


This app may be said that designed to crush Snapchat one of the world’s popular app among teenagers. Snap chat also works on emotions in the form of pictures and the new app also have the same kind of idea.

This app is completely different from Facebook, the app asks its users to record clips of a face, or their best friend face to make their profile. Videos are not shared to other users of Facebook but to those who attend the high school, who see them in feed.

The advantage of the app is to get close to the people in your school or nearby schools, and to search what others activities in the same school and always remain in touch with them.

The app has launched, however, sparked privacy concerns, there is no proper way for age verification, anybody can claim from any local school and no setting is available to control who sees your videos. The only user can block or reported to any user if they are suspected of spying on students.

The new app doesn’t need a previous Facebook account, and users will able to see their classmates once 20 people sign up at a particular school. But if creepy adults still try to get into the social network, a user can block them simply by swiping. However, it is unclear how exactly app will block predators.

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