Lions amazing reaction after seeing first owner in seven years

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This is a truth that pets always love their owners, it doesn’t matter which pet do you have! A video gets viral on the internet when big cats meet their first owner.

Do you ever want to raise the lions? Two lions from the Malkia Zoo show that pets never forget their owner and always love them.

What happened in the zoo?

  • The two big cats from the zoo rushed towards the Malkia zoo gate when they sensed that their first owner is at a gate. It was a heartfelt reunion after seven years for the cats and women.
  • The video shows that lions open their paws out to give the women a really big hug, you can also view that one lion had closed its eyes just to enjoy the moment.
  • This was a really honorable moment for the women that raise the lions with love when they’re kids and lions were licking the face of women. Lions start playing with the hairs of an owner and provide a really amazing message to the world.
  • The reports tell that women had given the lion’s kid to the zoo in Switzerland seven years ago as she never looks after them when they outgrew her.
  • The video shows that big cats are licking their first owner and standing on their hind legs and putting their front paws around a neck of the lady.
  • She also opens her hands just to answer the cats about their love and hug them. It is believed that it was the first time that lady visited the zoo.

The lions were lying in a ditch when lady rescued the cubs in South Africa; the video displays a great love of the animal and human beings. The pets never forgot their owners and always love them!

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