Man Dies After Ignoring Advice To Wait For Two Weeks Before Swimming With New Tattoo

Man Dies After Ignoring Advice To Wait For Two Weeks Before Swimming With New Tattoo

Having a tattoo on body arm, wrist or any part is the pleasant experience for the people but it requires attention for first few weeks to remain to save from any infection otherwise it becomes the cause of your death – Seriously?

A man with the new tattoo has been advice to ignore the swimming for first two weeks after getting a tattoo on the body has died in the Gulf of Mexico as he ignores the advice and develop sepsis and catch flesh eating bugs that become cause of his death.

The 31-year-old has developed the religious tattoo on his hand, featuring crucifix and pair of hands praying but the person is advice to ignore swimming for first two weeks as wounds need to heal before going for a dip.

The fact is that person swim in the Gulf of Mexico after just five days of his new tattoo, became infected with the warm waters of Atlantic and suffers death.

Case of the person died due to swimming:Man Dies After Ignoring Advice To Wait For Two Weeks Before Swimming With New Tattoo

  • The medical journal added that when a person swims in the warm water of Atlantic between Mexico and America developed a fever, chiller and a rash around the tattoo and his condition becomes worse as his leg swelled and turned purple.
  • The person was immediately rushed to the hospital towards his worst condition where doctors found that the person is suffering from the vulnificus bug i.e. person lead to the vomiting, diarrhea and severe abdominal pain.
  • The doctors also confirmed that the person-years of drinking have weekend the person liver that made the infection serious to his body and spread in the body as wildfire and the result he suffered a death – within just 24 hours the man is put to the lifesaving machines as his organs turned to fail.
  • The doctors added that the man’s condition becomes good and moving towards improvement but suddenly the person has been hit with the septic shock, which attacked all his organs and shock kidneys to shut down.
  • The main died after two months admission in the hospital and remain stable only for just two weeks before getting a septic shock that becomes the reason of his death.

The report associated with the person health and condition stated that person is died due to the septic shock instead of initial treatment and the case shows that doctors should need to pay attention towards dealing the liver patient as high mortality associated with the infections of V. vulnificus and health providers should need to remain calm while dealing these patients.

This case aware the people who want to made tattoo on their body as they need to remain careful while addition of their tattoo and strictly follow the advice recommend by the tattoo artist or doctor to remain secure from any kind of bacteria and virus as this person has been caught by the flesh-eating bacteria that is spread in the body due to water.

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