Microsoft to close Skype office, leading 400 jobs at risk

Microsoft to close Skype office, leading 400 jobs at risk

Microsoft will close London’s Skype office making more than 400 employees redundant, and terminating headquarters of technology champion.

Skype was found in London in 2003 and it was largest online communication services and was acquired by Microsoft in 2011 for $8.5bn and has opened new offices for workers in March 2013.

According to Financial Times (FT) has confirmed the closure of Skype office of London, they also added: “Microsoft takes the decision to unite particular positions of engineers but putting the risk of jobs of more than 400 employees of Skype”.

The vice president of Skype Emea, he left the firm when it was sold to Microsoft also talk to Financial Times and added: “This decision is leading towards the wrong direction as Skype was one of the best ironic technology for Europe and most used in Europe and have amazing talent”.

Skype workers are in a consultation process with Microsoft for their job and Microsoft said: “We feel bad for former workers as they are out of a job but we do everything for them and we are even doing consultation process and may offer them new jobs”.

Microsoft also announced quietly early this year to lay off more than 2000 employees by the end of June 2017, and Skype employees more than 400 are also part of this

The former employee Dan also wrote on site Quora in April: “I initiate it unusual, because when I was an employee of the office, the manager was substituted by Microsoft director and that day I mean now every single operative has to either left or replaced”.

The former employee who didn’t want to tell his name also added the move of Microsoft in term of Skype was not astonishing as past three years many managers of Skype has quietly departed.

Microsoft made 150 acquisitions in history and almost every firm was dismantled or killed, including Finch mobile maker, Nokia’s handset and much more.

The biggest matter for Microsoft is that Skype was always in Europe not in Redmond.

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