Microsoft warns users to update their PCs as millions could be hit by cyber-attack TODAY

Microsoft warns users to update their PCs as millions could be hit by cyber-attack TODAY

Microsoft has warned the users to update their computers after the giant cyber-attack occurred on Friday which hit more than 200,000 computers in the world and could make a return today across the world thought to be vulnerable.

The Friday attack was the largest cyber-attack in the world as this attack not only hit small region but brought the NHS system of the government to its knees and hit the computers in more than 150 countries of the world.

The latest virus occurred due to the error in the Microsoft Windows first identified by the US intelligence but Microsoft stuck blame on the US government for not revealed the software vulnerabilities after this cyber-attack hit millions of people computer.

Threats of cyber-attack on Monday:

  • The security experts and the Microsoft added that the threats of further ransomware attacks are at extreme as people returned to work on Monday as the virus is pretty fast that deletes all the data from the computer and demands $300 bitcoin payment to restore access.
  • The process of spreading the virus is slowed down over the weekend but the fact is that the threats are high on a working day as more than 200,000 computers are affected by this virus on Friday.
  • The reports added that the nine cases have been seen in South Korea on Monday where the virus has found but the further details of the case are not received yet.
  • The officials of Australia also reported that the virus attacked to the small-to-medium almost three businesses where New Zealand report added that the small number of unconfirmed virus attack were found in the region and the investigations are under process.

Microsoft statement towards the matter:

  • The Microsoft added that the hackers and the criminals are pretty advance with the technology and getting more sophisticated, there is no simple way to secure the computer of the people and software until they update their systems.
  • The Microsoft boss criticized the government and the agency for the way store the information about the vulnerability in the software and added that we have seen the error in our software stored and identified by the CIA show up on the WikiLeaks and this vulnerability has been stolen from the NSA and this vulnerability affected the millions of the people in the world.
  • They added that government should need to aware the people towards updating their software and made this information as the wake-up call in the world to secure the people.
  • They added that the solution towards the vulnerability of the software has been released in March and notify all the users in the world including the reason towards the cyber-attack but the people doesn’t update their system and affected by the virus.

The Europol’s director added that we are at the critical stage of the virus continue to spread where the number of the people towards the virus growing up and this attack hit both the public and private sector and we need to tackle the situation.

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