Monster Hurricane Haiti Death Troll reaches to 800

Monster Hurricane Haiti Death Troll reaches to 800

The UN has warned that it takes time for complete aid as Haiti death toll reaches more than 800.

Hurricane Mathews is towards Florida and now we are learning about the horrible situation of the storm in Haiti earlier this week. Mathews hit the peninsula on Tuesday with 145 miles per hour winds and one of the dangerous storms since last decade.

More than 800 people died due to storm in Haiti – the situation is worse and critical in the areas as many paths towards areas are blocked and many aid workers can’t reach the devastated areas. So, it is not possible to tell exactly figure of deaths in the area.

Haiti is the poorest country in the world, and at least 877 people were dead according to information tickled inform remote areas. Seven people were died due to cholera, as flood water mixing with sewerage. At least 175 people died in villages clustered among hills. Most of the killing is occur due to the falling of trees that crushed houses.

The government and UN said more than 350,000 people were looking assistance as many roads are inaccessible due to flood. The severe winds have cut off the communication channels, and the situation is unpredictable as people lost their houses and there must be a food crisis.

Haiti protection agency said that the number of deaths is doubled in the country, yesterday the death is 400 people but today they tell the ratio reaches to 800 people who are dead. Rescue efforts are under processed as many areas are full cut off and the only way to reach there is air or sea. They added in five days we have a clearer picture of death tolls the problem we facing is that the communication system is cut off.deat

The storm was first category 4 that hit the hemisphere’s Haiti the poorest nation, the storm was the strongest since last decade. Officials said it was worst storm since 2010 earthquake that kills 220,000 people. The United Nation estimated more than 1.1 million people were affected via storm.

Mr. Blanchet said: the country always goes with critical conditions, the crops are gone, the farms and animals and I am sure the dead will rise. About 80 percent of banana crops were destroyed by the wind in Haiti, some houses lose only top roof but other houses were fully destroyed.

Peninsula was totally cut off as the road towards the region was destroyed, clinics are full with person’s broken bones and many other. The food is limited and poverty of food is begun, most of the houses in Haiti are not made by concrete – the destruction is everywhere including whole villages and areas.acd

Some 61,000 people were in shelter houses due to loss of communication aid find difficulties to reach the areas at this moment local were helping each other. Another 17 cases of cholera were reported in Chardonnieres it means the danger of cholera is coming in the area. Barak Obama told the reporters that deaths exist and severe property damages exist.

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