More than 100 migrants drowned including three babies, Libya

More than 100 migrants drowned including three babies, Libya

The dead bodies of three baby migrants, dressed well, looks like they are sleeping were carried from ashore on 29 June, Friday. One of the babies still wearing red socks and pink sneakers fastened with a pink strap.

These babies were the latest victims of the migrant crisis. They were drowned as a rubber boat, carrying migrants seeking for a better life. Hundred or more people died in this crisis. Hundreds of people already died in this type of crisis before.

This news came out after the hour when European leaders hail a new migrant scheme that would prevent the migrant from Mediterranean crossing. This might stop any more crises.

Temporarily EU leaders have taken the responsibility to rescue the survivors. Only 14 of them were rescued; still, many of them were missing.  Some of the dead bodies were found.

Three of kids’ bodies under the age of 5 had found. How many of them are missing is still a question? “And how many are dead?” Is still unknown.  Doctors had been deployed on the shore to give medical assistance.

10,000 of migrants had been sent back to Libya in 2018. And about 350 of them were sent back to Libya shores by coastguards after this tragedy.

EU leaders had sent doctors and rescue teams to save the migrants who were in trouble at sea and take them back to a safe place, rather than Libya. They are doing this because they are fully aware of circumstances that people are facing in Libya.

Oscar Camps, president of the Spanish NGO complained about Italy saying they had not sent the rescue boats as they have an easy assist to migrants. 100 of them died because they see no rescue boats to help them.

EU leaders will also look into setting up migration centers in countries outside the European soil.  So these centers can reach the migrant who claims for protection. Even with the danger of getting drowned, many people risk their lives by riding the overcrowded boats. So they can have a better life in Europe.

The illegal border crossing has been decreased to 90%. But still, there are some groups who are smuggling peoples. More than 33,000 refugees entered the European border since 6 June. Most of them came through Spain, Germany, and Greece

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