More than 2000 schools were built by 2020 in England

More than 2000 schools were built by 2020 in England

England needs schools more than 2000 to meet the new pupils by the year 2020 and it starts working for the development of thousands of extra schools.

More than 2000 new schools were built in next four years to deal with growing population of pupils. According to scape, the government estimates 24,287 new classrooms will be built in next four years to meet building challenge in England.

The projections are based on education department as it shows that increment of the new pupil is set to 8.6% in primary and 12% in secondary by the year 2020 so England needs more space for management of these pupils. In this way, total requirement of school is grown to 2122 schools.

Local authorities predict that by the year 2020 the total number of pupils including primary and secondary may be 729,000. It means England have to build two schools daily to meet its requirement till 2020.

Between the year 2009 to 2016 many school systems are expanded and have add space for 470,000 pupils but the need of classes is much enough then it. Reports say that more than 24,000 classes are needed by the year 2020 for pupils.

The local spokesperson added government is working to develop 600,000 additional pupil places since 2020 and it is investing £7bn for the purpose.

Rising Birth Rate:                                                

The growing birth rate need rapid changes in England as the demand for schools is increase – many of schools are over populated having maximum kids in a single class as the ratio of increase of students in primary and secondary school is 21 percent by the year 2020.

The government also plans in its project of school development i.e. 500 schools were free and new school are fine and wide enough.

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