Mysterious 15metre Long Sea Beast Found On Indonesian Beach

Mysterious 15metre Long Sea Beast Found On Indonesian Beach

A mysterious sea creature that is an almost size of cargo container found dead on the beach in Indonesia – locals believe that creature is lying dead for three days and sparked army response.

The locals remained stunned while they see the giant creature as nobody knows the name of this creature as they thought the cargo boat was stuck on the beach but later they believe that this creature is dead in unknown circumstances.

The locals initially thought that creature was the boat due to its gigantic size but later they thought creature was 15 meters in length approximately with several meters wide.

Mr. Tuanakota, 37 initially thought that the giant creature was stranded boat when he found the creature on Tuesday night at Hulung Beach and inform the authorities about this creature.

The government troops, army, and authorities were working to collect the information about the giant sea creature whereas the locals and residents have flocked towards the Hulung Beach to have sight towards the massive size creature.Mysterious 15metre Long Sea Beast Found On Indonesian Beach

The residents believe that creature was remains of the whale and they have asked the authorities to help remove the decaying remains.

Although, no one was able to detect the information of the giant creature as some of them are saying that the creature was remaining of the whale or even mythical giant squid whereas the locals added that creature was found dead for at least three days.

The locals have called the marine experts and departments and authorities are identifying the creature and it is yet not clear whether the animal died of natural causes or was killed by even bigger beast whereas the water near the beast turns red.Mysterious 15metre Long Sea Beast Found On Indonesian Beach

The experts added that the giant beast was thought to be 43ft for females and 33ft for males whereas the giant creatures were found in the world but are still hunted by the whales as this is not the first giant creature of this year.

Earlier this year, the locals found the creature of 65ft long on the beach but later it would be identified as the whale carcass.

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