New York Bombs Were Both Pressure Cooker Devices Injured 29 People

New York Bombs Were Both Pressure Cooker Devices Injured 29 People

The bomb denoted on Saturday in New York which injured 29 people, that were treated in hospital and released now one is seriously injured.
The explosion has occurred at almost 21:00 on West 23rd St. the blast was much strong its voice was heard several blocks away and it blew out many windows.
The blast in Chelsea injured 29 people in the area of Manhattan; Cell phones were discovered at both sites of the bombing, black powder was detected at the site. Chelsea was most fashionable and popular districts, its bars are crowded on the weekend and also restaurants.
The beautiful city was crowded by bombs on Saturday night. Some reports of the blast said the bomb was inside the tool box and some said it was inside the rubbish bin.b
Mayor Bill said: “Was these bombs and attacks are any kinds of motivation? We know it is a serious incident, we investigate all kind of theories that connects it but we don’t have any evidence at this moment”.
Police found another device nearby which is described as pressure cooker bomb. The second device was found on 27th St, police recovered bag with a pressure cooker. The officials said both devices uses flip phones to trigger the
Cuomo said the second device for the bomb was same in design that was exploded in St 23. The homemade pressure cooker devices are used in the attack of 2013 that kills three people and injured 260 people.
Several people are taken in custody but now questioning with five persons, spoke women said no one is released investigation is still continuing; no one is charged as criminal yet.
New York was on high alert after the attack on Manhattan; more than 1000 police officers are positioned to New York transport hub. They are ordered to check full subway system of New York. Extra guards are also added who are monitoring the Manhattan and patrolling all the streets of the area._91294875_mediaitem91294874
Authorities said the bomb in Manhattan and the bomb eleven hours earlier at the site of New Jersey did not appear to be connected, in New Jersey attack no one was killed and injured. They didn’t release any detail about pressure cooker except it has some wires and cell phones connected to it.
Five other unknown devices are found a nearby attack, bomb squad examining the devices that contain wires and pipes and it could be a live bomb.
Mr. Cuomo said: whoever doing these bombs and placing them, we must find them and brought them to justice. He also added the attacks were not link to international terrorism; we are going to be patient to get the full truth.

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