New Zealand woman dies after jet blast at world’s ‘scariest’ airport

New Zealand woman dies after jet blast at world's 'scariest' airport

Tourists always looking for the place to enjoy the nature and some of them want to cheat the death at different spots and the Caribbean island of St Maarten is one of the places.

A New Zealand women, 57-years-old were on the island to enjoy the scene including the landing of airplanes as this spot was popular and named as ‘best’ but ‘scariest place’.

But the police officers added that the lady was seriously injured just after 6 p.m. on Wednesday as she was on the spot to watch the planes and when the plane took off. The powerful jet blast propelled her backward and she hit her head on concrete and died early in the hospital.

The officers added that tourists come to this place to pose for videos and selfies as jumbo jets just moved close overhead and the clothes of the people ripped from the body.New Zealand woman dies after jet blast at world's 'scariest' airport

The management of the area always warns the people to stay away from the dangerous area as the jet blasts made horrible injuries to the people and sometimes lead to death.

The airport was known as world scariest airport as it has a short runway of just 1.4 miles forcing planes to approach at low altitude.

The police added that ‘The landing and take off all the planes whether they are small or large are the attraction of the spot and many tourists plan their trip to this island to enjoy the forceful wind and experience thrills of landing above their heads’New Zealand woman dies after jet blast at world's 'scariest' airport

The officials always warn the people to avoid this place but people are willing to cheat the death and the local bars of the area are displaying the departure and arrival time of the planes to enjoy the scenes.

The tourist director added that we had been identifying the tape associated with the women to learn what scene had occurred on the spot but this time I had the deepest sympathy for her family.

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