No More Cars In The Busiest Cities Of The World

No More Cars In The Busiest Cities Of The World

From Paris to Istanbul bans cars in the city, is it new vision of the future?

Is banning vehicles from the city is new courage towards curb pollution?

Is it a right step towards future?

A car-free day is an event to protect the city from pollution and encouraging drivers to give up their cars for one day. This is an organized event held in some countries and cities to protect the environment from pollution and promotes the improvement of cycling and walking between people.

The particular event was known as car-free days and the beginning of the event is from 1995 to support car-free days.

List of Countries Leading the car free movements:

  • OSLA said to ban all the cars in the country by 2019 for the improvement of the atmosphere. Norway also preparing a bill in which he bans the sale of gas cars. Norway has banned cars in the year 2019, and he is working towards public transportation rapidly and replacing cars lanes via bike lanes.osla
  • Madrid also working to banned cars from the city till 2020, he is trying to replace his busiest streets for walking instead of driving and making new rules and who will break have to pay more than $100.
  • China is developing the new areas in the technique that people will walk and reach more quickly rather than a car, while Chicago doesn’t ban the cars but limit its car capacity.china
  • Hamburg the German city working and within two years it will allow only pedestrians in a certain area and limit its car collection from these
  • Copenhagen the Europe city was introducing more than 200 miles of bike lanes and was the lowest percentage of car ownership in Europe. The country well managed to introduce bike and pedestrian walk instead of cars.copenhagen
  • Paris is also working to banned cars by 2020, he allows electric cars as it is working towards it, as in 2014 he banned only even number plates for the day and result is 30% of the population is decreased on the
  • London is also working as it banned diesel cars till 2020, currently, many places have banned diesel cars this is unlikely Paris banned the
  • Brussels introducing the largest shopping area via pedestrians in the Europe, in 2002 it first introduces mobility week the purpose is to introduce the public transportation over private ones.brusels
  • Mexico is not far among all other states as it banned cars to drive on two days every work weeks and two Saturdays per month, it determines which car can run depends on license plate numbers.mexico

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