Pokemon Go festival plagued by technical issues

Pokemon Go festival plagued by technical issues

Pokemon Go was the most viral mobile game in the world and fans are crazy towards the usage of a game and it had launched its first-year anniversary event at Chicago’s Grant Park.

But the event becomes boring for the attendees due to technical issues as attendees are remained to get WIFI services to their mobiles at different sections of the park and they remain unable to catch anything during the event.

Niantic the company that developed the augmented reality game had to announce to refund the money towards the thousands of trainers that attend the event and announce to provide $100 in game currency and free game features.

The event was held for development of the trainers:Pokemon Go festival plagued by technical issues

  • The event was held on Saturday and plenty of trainers and people are here to attend the event and provide them a chance to catch some of the rarest monsters on the app but the technical faults made the event flop and attendees are feeling disappointed.
  • The fan’s actions are not good at the moment as they chanted to fix the game and throw the bottle at the stage but Niantic executives attempted to explain the issues.

Pokemon Go was launched last year:

  • Pokemon Go was the game that was launched last year and the awesome moment is that it was downloaded over 750 million times and the developers had viewed the rapid demand of the game among people and making more than $1bn in revenue.
  • This is the real game that works with the real world map and provides a chance to pick the monsters available at different locations.
  • The event provides a chance to find some species that were rare – the fans are excited at the event sold out within 10 minutes.

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