Pregnancy & Childbirth Leading to Hair Loss in Women

Pregnancy & Childbirth Leading to Hair Loss in Women

Pregnancy and child birth are one of the amazing miracles that women experience in their life. Being a mother-to-be is, no doubt, a great blessing, but, this is not an easy condition to deal with. Due to severe hormonal changes during pregnancy, women go through wild mood swings, constant feeling of being swollen and bloated and persistent gaining of extra pounds, making them feel uncomfortable and unattractive, at the same time. Among all these problems they face during pregnancy, hair loss is another miserable issue that might occur to them.

Hormonal imbalances are closely linked with pregnancy and child birth. These imbalances trigger several changes in your normal hair growth cycle. During the pregnancy, women experience healthier hair because estrogen levels increase during this period that further prolongs the growing phase of the hair growth cycle. But after the childbirth, estrogen levels come down to their normal points, extending the resting phase of the cycle, due to which new hair growth entirely stops and the existing hair begins to fall off the scalp. This results in heavy hair loss.

This is a natural phenomenon that cannot be controlled. Hormones go wild for some time but then they get normal which is a good thing to know because hair loss due to such hormonal imbalances is not a permanent one. During this phase, women, temporarily lose hair and within few months, by the first birthday of their child, they get their healthy and strong strands of hair back.

Though women can’t control this phase but they can at least take care of their hair by following these following tips:

  • Take multivitamins and other nutritional supplements to provide strength and nourishment to the hair.
  • Try to maintain a healthy diet that includes proteins, carbohydrates and other vitamins and minerals.
  • Try not to dye hair as these dyes contain certain chemicals that harm your hair.
  • Minimize the usage of styling instruments like straightener, dryer or curler.
  • Keep your hair moisturized.
  • Minimize your stress levels.
  • Try to get a short haircut as it will be easy to carry and will save you mess specially around your little one.

Other than this, Toppik also offers an effective and non-harmful remedy for such hair loss. Its hair building fibers have been really helpful for women going through such condition. It helps them get instant look of thick and heavy hair. They don’t need to worry about getting embarrassed of their limp and weak hair. With these fibers, they can have their desired look to go out, whenever they want.

Hair loss might not be experienced by every women and for some, it might get severe leading towards visible bald patches on one’s head. In such case, they should immediately contact their doctor because there can be several other reasons behind excessive hair loss such as postpartum thyroiditis or anaemia, which are treatable. Hair loss, due to whatever reason, is not something untreatable so one should never lose their hope and confidence.

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