Premier league in major crackdown on illegal streaming in the game

Premier league in major crackdown on illegal streaming in the game

The premier leagues are taking serious steps to secure their investments before broadcasting the next season’s as they want to stop thousands of people from watching illegal streaming.

A spokesperson for the premier league told about this information as they are working with the internet service provider ISP to try and stop the illegal streaming and to stop so-called Kodi boxes around the country to protect their investment as they pay billions to broadcast the match.

The people are the fans of the footballs and loved to watch every match of the league but the online streaming of these matches becomes a problem for a league and earlier this month court approved to block the pirated streams via kodi boxes.

The channels like Sky Sports and BT sports pay billions for the right to broadcast the match and the management were worried about their investments and has engaged with the anti-piracy campaign to protect the copyright of a broadcast.

The management of the premier league is now working with the internet service provider and lined up with the police to block the illegal streaming and secure their copyrights.

The campaign of the premier league is on way as the police arrest the five people that were selling the kodi boxes and the judge also ordered the internet service provider to block the access of servers and secure their copyright of broadcasting the match.

The four biggest name of the broadcaster of the premier league including Sky sports, BT, TalkTalk and Virgin Media will now have access to block the servers that are doing illegal activity including illegal streaming of the match.

The spokesperson of the premier league added that they are doing these steps and working with the internet service provider as they are securing their own property and provide an ability to sell our property and we are doing as clubs invest in building the character of a football player.

They build world-class stadiums for the matches to make fans enjoy the entertainment and it will be helpful for the society but the fact is that Kodi boxes will allow illegal streams.

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