Protesters’ Has Lot To Say To Trump After Shocking Election’s Result

Protesters’ Has Lot To Say To Trump After Shocking Election’s Result

Anti-Trump activities are at peak in America – unexpected victory of Donald Trump burned protestors in the United States and thousands of people crowding in streets and his buildings in America.

The demonstrators burning orange-haired trump head, lighting bonfires and blocking streets and thousands of people marched against the billionaire president elected late on Wednesday.

The most popular slogan of the protestors against trump is: “Not Our President” and “Love Trump Hates“.

New York:newyork

In New York, thousands of protestors marched against the Trump victory they had marched towards Union Square in a light rain and prepared to march uptown to president-elect’s home. Another group is gathered near Trump hotel and tower – several people were arrested at the scene and nearly 10,000 people were gathered demonstrations –carry slogans against Trump in marched:

  • Not my President
  • She got more votes
  • Hands off my pussy
  • Hey, hey, ho, ho, Donald Trump has got to go

People were chanted at his tower “F*** your tower, f*** your wall“.


Protestors were blocked the streets, roads and shut down the city during rush hours – a democratic city has more Clinton supporters according to the polls and they are expressing their anger on election out of trump building – many of the people showed their anger by abusing Trump including:

  • We want a president, not a xenophobic

Parker Smith a protestor said: I’m anger at his victory and held a sign “My body, My Choice” and worried for the next four years.


In these cities, protesters lit fires in the streets – throwing bottles towards the police and also fire crackers about six thousand people against Trump in and they burned trash in the middle of an intersection and smashed storefront windows.

Los Angeles:los

Hundreds of people are gathered in a beautiful city against the trump victory – they express their anger at city hall, and burned a piñata of Trump and they also tried to shut down the city – some wrote:

  • F*** Trump


In Seattle, a situation is gone critical as there gathered only hundred protestors but blocked the roads and set a trash bin on fire. They carry slogans written:

  • Black live Matter
  • Misogyny has to go
  • “People united will never be defeated

Boston:Trump Election Protest Connecticut

Thousands of protestors are out over the victory of trump and showed their anger on to the streets – a 19-year-old student said: we were close for first women become president and she lost to the man that doesn’t know the representation of majority in the country and has no political experience. Protestors are chanted:

  • We will not be silenced
  • He will never be my President


Nearly seven hundred protestors marched in the state on Wednesday night for two hours across from city hall and continued through Temple University and saying:

  • We are not going to lie down
  • We don’t take anything from anybody – this is Philadelphia


Hundreds of protestors are gathered in its capital shutting down the interstate in both directions – ten people were arrested and are in custody and charged with unlawful assembly and chanting:

  • No Trump, No KKK, No fascist USA

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