Qatar gets further 48 hours extension on Saudi demands

Qatar gets further 48 hours extension on Saudi demands

The United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Egypt were agreed to extend the deadline for Qatar by 48 hours to respond on a list of demands.

The move towards an extension for Qatar came from the Kuwait’s Emir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah as he asked the Saudi Arabia and other states to provide the extension to a government of Kuwait for decision without stating whether Qatar had rejected the ultimatum.

The thirteen demands have been sent to Qatar government to accept including shutting down the Al Jazeera network where the Qatar government disagreed with the charges applied from the Gulf state that it funds the extremism.

On Saturday, the Qatar Foreign Minister respond towards the demand from different states as he added the government should disagree with the thirteen demands but ready to engage in dialogue under the right conditions.

The four countries met on Wednesday 23rd June where they discuss the condition towards the Qatar and set a deadline for the region to accept their demands within ten days and demands to include the closure of Turkish military base and limit their relationship with Iran.Qatar gets further 48 hours extension on Saudi demands

The four countries are clear at a single point that Qatar is supporting the terrorism and being an ally of regional foe Iran, charges the Doha denies.

Made to rejected:

  • Qatar state was charged from other regions that it was supporting the terrorism and needs to follow the demands but Qatar replied:
  • Qatar is not going to accept the demands and they are not supporting the terrorism, we are not afraid of whatever happens to them and what action should take against the state.
  • The state of Qatar instead of rejecting the demands they are interested in working to engage in dialogue conversation with a proper condition.

Some key demands:

Some of the important demands that Qatar should need to follow within ten days are following according to different press:

  • Qatar should need to disclose the relationship with Al Jazeera news network, Arabi21, and Middle East Eye and need to shut down funding
  • Qatar should need to stop interfering between relationship of different states and affairs and Qatar should need to pay the different states for damages or costs that occur due to Qatari politics
  • They want Qatar should need to stop funding all the states associated with the terrorism and hand over all the individuals wanted by the four countries for terrorism
  • They need to provide detail information about the opposition figures whom Qatar has funded
  • They need to halt the development of Turkish military base where they want Qatar to stop diplomatic ties with the Iran

The Reuters also added that the four regions want Qatar to cut the relationship with the so-called Islamic state, al-Qaeda and Lebanese Shia militant group called Hezbollah but these are not included in the top demands yet.

Meanwhile, Egypt added that the four countries will meet on Wednesday in Cairo to further discussion on the issue of Qatar without providing details.

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