Reasons Behind Bridge Collapse in Genoa, Italy

bridge collapse

The dramatic collapse of the motorway bridge in Genoa.

At least 37 people were killed and dozens of vehicles fell said by the interior minister.

More than 16 people were injured in the collapse and more than 12 people are missing.

About 250 firefighters are taking part in this rescue & search operation, using dogs and climbing gears.

Bridge collapse
Rescue workers are seen at the collapsed Morandi Bridge in the Italian port city of Genoa, Italy August 14, 2018 in this still image taken from a video.

The cause of this accident, which occurred was not immediately clear but questions had been raised about the safety of the structure of this project.

The head of the Italian Civil Protection Agency said more than 30 vehicles and many heavy-duty trucks were on the affected section on the bridge. This bridge was built in the late 1960s. More than 400 people have been shifted from that affected place.The experts said that the other part of the bridge might falls.

The Morandi Bridge stands on the A10 toll motorway, which is an important route to local ports.

The section of about 200 meters fell at 11:30 local time. Police say there was heavy traffic at the time.

countries invested

This was the fifth bridge collapse in Italy in five years. Is Italian infrastructure underfunded?

The country spent more than €14bn on its roads in 2006 but dropped down to less than €4bn after the 2008 financial crises.

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