Replaced Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Catches Fire On Southwest Airlines Plane

Replaced Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Catches Fire On Southwest Airlines Plane

A replaced set of Galaxy Note 7 said safe by the firm caught fire on Southwest Airlines Plane.

The airline confirmed that its flight from Louisville, Kentucky to Baltimore, Maryland had caught fire due to Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and take-off on Wednesday.

After the global recall of Note 7 and firm fixed the situation but unit caught fire on southwest airlines.

The southwest airlines after the incident tell the viewers that: “Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was emitting smoke from it as it gets heat up in the pocket of the proprietor and after that flight is take-off and luckily no crew member or customer is injured due to incident and all are safe and come out via the main cabin”.

Samsung statement about the incident:

Samsung has recalled its entire smartphone and launched safe set but seems there are also problems with replaced sets. Samsung said in a statement: The firm is working to confirm the cause is happened via smartphone device they are cooperating with airlines. They yet never confirmed whether the phone was new one or old one, we are working with authorities and examined the device and soon update the information.southwest

Mr. Green Owner of the Phone:

The owner of the phone said he bought it on 21st September and replaced it he also added there was a black square icon on the phone that firm added to recognize the old and replacement models.

Mr. Green said his device was powered down but not charging and getting heat in his pocket. He tossed it on the floor and it emits thick gray smoke.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was banned on Flight:

The galaxy note 7 was banned from taking that on a flight; as Samsung released their new phone later on firm said they had identified the problem and now are ready to fix this. The smartphone that caught fire on Wednesday was the replaced phone of the firm. The flight was canceled and all other passengers including the owner of the device Green were placed on other flight.

Samsung Electronics are failed to achieve the target they are recalling the smartphones as it has battery problems that catch fire. Samsung has sale 2.5 million notes 7 all over the world and finds difficulties to search affected phones.featured

US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA):

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) had again issued a new warning for all the customers to switch off their Samsung galaxy Note 7 and being not charged in the plane and also packs the detected devices into hold luggage; the Administration (FAA) issue further guidelines soon after this latest news of smartphone.

Questions on Samsung after Disaster:

However, this incident raising questions on Samsung Company? Whether they are unable to resolve the problem after the recall of the phone. Samsung original plan was to launch the device after IPhone 7 but they launched it before. Is it the reason of phone being the fire hazard?

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