Self-driving Lorries Is Tested On UK Roads Believe Future Of Transportation

Self-driving Lorries Is Tested On UK Roads Believe Future Of Transportation

The technology is growing rapidly and changing the lifestyle of the people. It changes many job routine of the people as artificial intelligence is covering people’s job these days.

The technology is providing more efficient ways to perform the daily routine activities and driverless cars are contributing to the modern lifestyle. The government has announced that driverless Lorries are the part of British roads by the end of next year.

The government had made a test:

  • The government has awarded that contract to the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) to test these artificial intelligent Lorries. Three Lorries will travel in formation with acceleration and braking controlled by the lead vehicle.
  • The head of AA added that this platoon raises safety concerns. The government wants to implement driverless trucks since 2014 but the lorry makers declined to participate.
  • The TRL will test these Lorries on the test track but promise these trucks will be tested on the roads by the end of 2018. The lead truck was handled by the human while the platoons were testing.
  • The government wants to enhance the artificial intelligence in the country to make the work efficient and property and this time the implementation is expected – Because the government has given the contract to the company.

The TRL announced these partners for the project:

  • DAF Trucks, Dutch lorry manufacturer
  • Ricardo, British smart tech transport firm
  • DHL, German Logistics Company

This is not the first time that platooning has been tested as various countries already tested the project including Germany, US, and Japan.

The government has to face challenges while implementing self-driver:

  • Edmund King, president of the AA added that British roads present a unique challenge for the driverless Lorries. We want to secure the consumption of petrol and fuel to enhance the atmosphere of the society but small convoys of Lorries can block road signs from a view of other users.
  • He added that ‘Platooning will work on the miles of deserted freeways but we have some of the busiest motorways with many exit and entry points.
  • The transport minister added that we want the implementation of the technology in the modern world but first we make sure that this technology is safe for our roads. This is the reason we are taking the tests of the Lorries as these Lorries could lead to cheaper fuel bills, lower emission, and less congestion.

Driverless cars are becoming a trend:

  • Driverless vehicles are becoming common on the regular basis and raising a question whether it will be the end of driving license?
  • We have seen a squat on the streets of south-east London as it delivers takeaway food to the borough’s resident at 4mph. We have seen that robot buses are shifting passengers along city streets. We have also seen the 18-wheeler truck drove 120 miles down a highway without a driver.

This is the future of the modern world and these projects help to develop the better technology!

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