Shared VS Managed WordPress Hosting

Shared VS Managed WordPress Hosting

Web Hosting is an essential part of any online business. One of the most daunting tasks new WordPress users face is choosing the right web hosting solution for their sites. Shared and managed WordPress hosting are the two main options available to host your WordPress website.

Shared Hosting

The most well recognized kind of hosting, shared hosting is what you will find when you go to major providers. Shared hosting can be great if you are just getting started with building a site and unsure if you want to commit all the way, or not. But if you really looking to grow your website and are expecting to receive a large amount of the traffic so you may want to consider upgrading to something more reliable.

The resources on the shared server will get divided between every website using the server. That means your site is using one chunk of the space, memory, processor speed and bandwidth offered by the server while many other sites are drawing on the same resources.

Managed Hosting

Managed WordPress hosting is a hosting environment that is specifically designed to cater to WordPress websites. That means the staff handling the infrastructure knows exactly how to take care of it to provide the best possible user experience.

Managed hosting has a number of benefits for your website:

  • It is incredibly fast
  • Your server is always up to date.
  • It is much more secure.
  • Increased uptime.
  • Dedicated support



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